DRW()DRaWing) is a native format used in the popular Micrografx Designer CAD/CAM/CAE application for the Windows operating system.
Blaze ImgConvert supports versions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the DRW file format.
Blaze ImgConvert can load the following objects: Elliptical arc (Symbol 0), Closed, fillable polygon (Symbol 1), Collection of objects (Symbol 2), Circle, ellipse (Symbol 3), Line of scalable text (Symbol 5), Single line segment (Symbol 6), Open, unfillable simple polygon (Symbol 8), Pie wedge (Symbol 9), Rectangle, square (Symbol 10), Rectangle with rounded corners (Symbol 11), Closed, fillable elliptical arc (Symbol 13), Clockwise elliptical arc (Symbol 14), Closed, fillable parabola (Symbol 15), Closed, fillable quadric spline (Symbol 16), Closed, fillable complex objects (Symbol 17), Parabola (Symbol 18), Quadric spline (Symbol 19), Open, unfillable complex polygon (Symbol 20), Monochrome bitmap (Symbol 22), Open, unfillable poly bezier (Symbol 23), Closed, fillable poly bezier (Symbol 24), Rich text block (Symbol 25), Virtual bitmap (Symbol 26), Closed, single instance clip path (Symbol 27), Closed, tiled-instance clip path (Symbol 28), and Formatted text along a curve (Symbol 29).
For DRW files, you can read the following bits per pixel: 24.