Usage Information
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Blaze ImgConvert provides a fast, easy-to-use, and very configurable method for converting all your image files to any number of output formats.

  1. Load the software.
  2. Click the Add Files or Add Folder button. 
  3. If you clicked Add Files, select the files you want to convert. You can select more than one file by pressing the Ctrl key while clicking the files or pressing the Shift key and using the arrows to select a range of files. If you want to remove files from the list select the files you want to remove, select Remove from the Edit menu or click the Remove Files button.  Otherwise, if you clicked Add Folder, select the desired folder, and all images from this folder will be automatically added to the file list.
  4. Select the output format, and optionally a sub-type and color depth (BPP).
  5. Choose the destination folder, or use the source file's folder for output.
  6. If you'd like to resize or rotate images during the conversion process, click the Resize or Rotate button, enable the option, and define the desired output settings.
  7. Other options can also be optionally set, including overwrite preferences, report logging, and naming template.
  8. Click the Convert button.