The WordPerfect (WPG) format can contain vectored or raster images. Blaze ImgConvert handles both the raster images and the vector images.
For raster WPG files, you can read and write the following bits per pixel: 1, 4, 8.
VWPG (Vector Word Perfect Graphics) is a vector format created by COREL. There are two versions (version 1 and version 2) of the VWPG file format. Each has its own format and specifications. Blaze ImgConvert does not support version 1, but version 2 of this format is fully supported. This file format is supported by COREL DRAW 8.0.
The default extension used by this format is: WPG.
This file format does support layers and embedded raster objects, but not grouping.
Blaze ImgConvert can load the following objects: Poly Curve, Rect, Vertical Line, Horizontal Line, Poly Line, Text, and Image.
For VWPG files, you can read the following bits per pixel: 24.